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28 julho 2009


Valores, objectivismo e subjectivismo

Objectivism versus "Austrian" Economics on Value, por Per-Olof Samuelsson.
«One could easily do either too much or too little of the differences between Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism and the "Austrian" school of economics. One could do too much of it by saying the "Austrians" are subjectivists, which is obviously anathema to Objectivism (and vice versa: an objective theory of value has to be anathema to the Austrians); or one could do too little of it by simply denying and/or ignoring the differences that do exist. But in fact, there is only one amendment that should be done by the "Austrians" to bridge this gulf: they should acknowledge that, while our valuation of things certainly takes place within our minds, the values that we identify as values exist "out there", in the world. This is the subject of this essay.»

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